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About Us

Peoples Voice Publishing was established in 2012. Its principle owners are Dr Dee Michell and Tony Tonkin.

Dr Michell is a theologian who has an interest in stories and the impact they have on the teller and the listener. As a feminist she understands the need to have women’s stories heard, and as a social scientist she believes in the power of stories told from the once silenced and marginalised.

Tony Tonkin is a Social Worker who through his work as a therapist understands the healing that comes from people telling their stories. He believes that there is a wealth of information captured in people’s stories from which we all can learn.

Peoples Voice Publishing was established to provide an avenue for people to tell their stories. Our format facilitates the telling of a story without having to be a skilled writer. 

In most instances a book is developed based on a particular theme. “Recipes for Survival” and “Women Journeying with Spirit” are examples of the theme based book. The first of the “Recipes for Survival” series records stories of hope and healing by survivors of the state “care” system in Australia. Under “Current Projects” you will find other ideas relating to this series.

Through PVP we are offering an opportunity for people to have their story told. We have noticed that the writing of a story, followed by having it printed and distributed brings about healing through validation for the author. A collection of stories, with similar themes, creates a unique community. Through these stories people will be able to understand the extreme and sometimes traumatic experiences of others and how they have used courage and perseverance to survive. For the reader a new understanding is developed and this new insight can bring about change. 

We hope that you will become a part of this new community as an author or reader of these wonderful stories and that with us you will celebrate the amazing people who have had the courage to tell their story.